4 Facts About Permethrin You May Not Know

by | Mar 25, 2022

Do you know what you’re spraying on yourself, your kids, your pets or your lawn for insect control?⁠

It’s likely permethrin.⁠
This is an insecticide in the pyrethroid family.⁠

Pyrethroids are synthetic chemicals made from the chrysanthemum flower, as shown in this picture. Seems natural, but can be toxic.⁠
⁠Permethrin works, and it some cases it may be your best choice, but caution should be used when making it your constant go-to.⁠

Here’s 4 facts about permethrin:⁠

🏡 It kills indiscriminately This means that it doesn’t just kill mosquitoes & ticks, it kills beneficial insects like honey bees which are crucial for our eco-system.⁠

🏡 It can create pesticide resistance. This means that after continuous use, those mosquitoes and ticks may not care you’re spraying it. If you are using them, be sure to cycle them with other pesticides to avoid this.⁠

🏡 It is classified as a likely human carcinogen when ingested. Mice developed lunge and liver cancer.⁠

🏡 Studies on humans have not been performed with permethrin, yet is is sprayed on our crops and around our family gardens. ⁠

As a licensed pest control company, it is our responsibility to always use the least harmful pest control methods first. ⁠
⁠Not only does this help decrease pesticide resistance, but it also keeps our environment, wildlife & families safe!⁠


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