5 Reasons Why Mosquitoes Love You

by | Jun 13, 2022

Do mosquitoes love you?  Here are 5 reasons why that may be!

If you are like me you have likely been wondering why mosquitoes love you and seemingly leave everyone around you alone!  Well here are a few reasons these little pests might be drawn to you.

#1 Your Carbon Dioxide

The carbon dioxide that we release when we breathe can be felt by mosquitos up to 30 feet away.  And when we are breathing more heavily (working out, gardening, hiking) they can find us more easily!


#2 Lactic Acid

Mosquitos happen to have a specialized receptor a a way to sniff lactic acid, and they absolutely love it!  Some people produce more lactic acid than others, luring in more mosquitos, but you also tend to give off more lactic acid when you sweat outside during sweat inducing activities.  Even motion can help mosquitos pick up your vibration!


#3 Your Blood Type

There’s some evidence that mosquitoes are drawn more to people with type O blood than those with A or B blood, Pereira says.  An older study published in the Journal of Medical Entomology found that mosquitoes landed on people with type O blood 83% of the time, but were only attracted to those with type A blood 465% of the time, but more research is needed to understand why. – from prevention.com


#4 You Wear Black

Mosquitoes partially rely on their vision to find blood meal, so your love for dark-coloured clothing is making it easier for them to find you and have a bite.  If possible, especially while doing active things outside, try to opt for light coloured clothing to give yourself a break from those little biters.


#5  You’re Low in Vitamin B

There is no research yet to support that being low in vitamin B means you’ll be eaten alive, but there are lots of testimonials from people claiming once they wear a vitamin B patch (meant for mosquitoes) or up their Vitamin B they see a big reduction in their mosquito bites.  Take this one as you will, and ask your friends who get bitten a lot how their vitamin B levels are.

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