7 Safety Tips for Ticks During Family Hikes

by | Mar 20, 2022

Since ticks are most active from March to mid-May and from mid-August to November, we are approaching that time again it’s extra important to be mindful when we are outdoors!⁠

Here are 7 safety tips for you and your family:⁠

1. Wear long sleeve light-coloured shirts⁠
2. Wear long light-coloured socks you can tuck your pants in to⁠
3. Wear proper running shoes
4. Resist sitting on logs when you get tired. If you can find a place with gravel or wood chips….rest there!⁠
5. Use a repellent that contains Deet⁠
6. Throw your clothes in the hot wash & dryer when you get home to kill any ticks that may have clung onto your clothes⁠
7. Follow-up with a quick tick check⁠

Ticks are attracted to our carbon monoxide and sweat, so when we are active outdoors in areas with tall grass, loose leaves, scrub, bushes, undergrowth, or thicket….we smell like a prime host for them.⁠

Get out there and enjoy your time with your loved ones, just be smart about it!

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