Why Are Mosquitoes Important?

by | Jun 13, 2022

Why are mosquitoes important?  Well… they pollinate!⁠

YUP….these little buggers actually HELP fertilize our food chain.⁠

They have a purpose in the eco-system, along with being food for other insects, like dragonflies.⁠

Commonly used pesticides not only kill mosquitoes, but other beneficial insects, like bees. ⁠

This is not sustainable for our eco-system.⁠

If necessary, we will use a natural larvicide on standing water if a property has a mosquito problem that is unbearable, but this will not hurt anything in the environment, including other beneficial insects. ⁠
Just mosquitoes before they are the pesky adults.⁠

So who knew mosquitoes had their place?!⁠

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