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A Woman-owned Small Business

How ‘Mosquito Mom’ was Born

Here at Mosquito Mom we are so proud to offer the only 100% eco-friendly mosquito & tick control service in Durham & Clarington regions.

It all started in 2018, when we (Ashley & Matt) moved to Clarington with our daughter.  Our home is on a ravine, and we were so excited to make the backyard our outdoor oasis. We had no idea just how unbearable the mosquitoes would be, and we heard from some of our neighbours and their pets had been bitten by ticks.

A pest control company was referred to us and we started getting treatments on our property to help control the mosquitoes & ticks. The results were almost immediate and it was amazing to finally have guests over to enjoy our backyard without the disruption & discomfort.  

At the time, we understood that the service we were getting was “natural”, but started finding dead mosquitoes, moths, dragonflies, bees & other insects on our window sills or around the garden.  With some digging, we found out that pesticides from the pyrethroid family were being applied all over our property.  These are synthetically-derived from the chrysanthemum flower. They are Federally-controlled pesticides that are deemed “low toxicity”, however they are lethal to beneficial insects, like bees, and if used improperly by untrained or unlicensed technicians, they can in fact be harmful to the environment, people, and pets. 

We didn’t feel that pesticides were necessary on our entire property, so it was disappointing that this chemical information and the side effects had not been communicated to us more transparently.  Further, we felt that customer service was not prioritized, and ultimately there were several aspects of the overall experience that let us down.  

Both being in service-based industries – we knew that we could deliver a much better experience.  

Ashley wants to empower female homeowners with the knowledge of exactly what is being applied to their property, how it could potentially impact their children, their pets & the environment.  She seeks to educate, inspire & build a family-oriented business, so that families have safe, practical & eco-friendly options when it comes to pest control.  And above all, it is delivered with incredible customer service and professional & informative communication.

We feel that knowledge is power, and we strive to continually educate ourselves so we can provide the best possible service and support.  We are professionally trained, fully-licensed & insured with the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation, and Parks in accordance with Ontario’s Pesticide Training and Certification.  

Empowering Women

Why Mosquito ‘Mom’ and Not ‘Dad’?

We specifically want to speak to women about pest control.  

Women influence over 85% of their household purchase decisions, yet tend to be left in the dark about pest control.  It is important to us that we empower women with information, expert advice, and transparency, so that they can make educated decisions for their family.  

Naturally, Mothers want their children to thrive in a safe environment that they can also enjoy with their family and friends. We make this possible by using an integrated pest control approach, which focuses on an eco-friendly approach first. We know that Mothers want to understand exactly what is being applied to their property, so we operate with transparency and provide as much detail and advice as possible.  Our goal is to give you the support and guidance to take control of your outdoor spaces, so you can enjoy them in comfort.  That’s empowering.

Big Change Starts Small

In support of our mission to help rehabilitate the natural ecosystems, 1% of our proceeds are going to Soper Creek, a local Wildlife Rehabilitation Hospital.


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